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About Our Group

Friends of Howwood Park are a group of local volunteers who work together to look after and improve Howwood Park.

Our group started when funding became available from Renfrewshire Council to improve green spaces.
We consulted with the community, applied for the funds and were successful. The funds were matched by LEADER Renfrewshire.
This money allowed us to install new play equipment, an outdoor gym, new football goals, picnic tables, a cycle stand, notice board and more.

At the same time, Renfrewshire Council replaced fencing, upgraded the paths and improved the football pitch drainage. 

Since the improvements, the park has become extremely popular, and is very well used.
Various events have taken place including Scavengers Hunts, a Tinsel Walk, Litter Picks, Outdoor Bingo and weekly Fitness Classes,
all of which are organised and run by our group.

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